long distance moving

Welome to
Long Distance Moving

Whenever the thought of packing enters our mind, we all get scared and apprehensive, as who wants to spend so much of their time on packing, unpacking, and settling them. But no worries, Made Movers bring you long-distance moving services. We provide you with professional people who will pack, unpack, and arrange your stuff so that you don’t have to be apprehensive about the moving. In doing so, we provide:

We have Got you Covered

Made Movers are equipped with everything that is required to get the work done. From making preliminary arrangements to traveling and settling, we are resourceful and can handle the job done. We assure you that your valuables will be safely delivered to the destination on time.


How do the movers cope with the Covid-19 SOP’s?

All our movers are trained to keep you safe and sound. They wear gloves, face masks, and full-body suits, while packing your stuff, to keep them safe from infecting.

How do you charge for moving services?

The services are charged at varying rates. Longer distances have higher charges, while shorter distances have lower rates.

Is your team of movers licensed and certified?

Yes. Our entire team of movers is certified and licensed with the required organizations and have been specifically to carry out the safe safely.